Want to make sure I'm doing it right

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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Want to make sure I'm doing it right

Postby phil100a » 09 Dec 2008, 06:25

Thanks everyone, for you last bits of information re: my last posting.

As luck and serendipity would have it, the USCIS letter arrived TODAY! In that letter, they say they have one file for my GF. The file is listed as a "C-File, and is housed at the Supreme Court of Rochester, NY. Would this be the Naturalization Certificate?

I ask because I thought that the Naturalization Certificates were all housed at, or archived by, USCIS, in Washington, or regional warehouses.

If in fact this IS my GF's Naturalization Certificate (at the Rochester Supreme Court), can I simply order it from that institution, or would l best go through USCIS for for the copy? They charge $20-35, according to the letter I received, today. Also, does it need any special certification, like state documents (some of which have to be officially "certified", and given an apostille.

btw, I issued the online request for this preliminary info from USCIS on Oct, 1, and just received it today, so that's just over 8 weeks - not bad compared to what I hear used to be well over one year waits.

You're all so helpful - thanks again!


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Re: Want to make sure I'm doing it right

Postby ricbru » 09 Dec 2008, 07:00

Before you send any request to USCIS or to Rochester Supreme court, I suggest you to call both, so you can have the right infos on the phone to know and to the best in order to get the right official version of document
I hope it helps
bye Riccardo

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Re: Want to make sure I'm doing it right

Postby VaDeb » 09 Dec 2008, 18:20

HI Phil,

The certificate should be in both places. Remember, the 1906 law essentially required a copy of each naturalization be sent to USCIS. So, whatever court performed the naturalization should have a copy (this will be where ever they archive records from that year) and USCIS should also have a copy.


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