Are my divorce documents necessary for the application?

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Are my divorce documents necessary for the application?

Postby phil100a » 20 Dec 2008, 09:08

Hope all are well.

Question: I have a grown child (over 21) that wants to apply with me. However, her mother and I are proceeding toward a divorce. This is my second marriage. How important is it to obtain official divorce documents for a divorce or annulment? I want to be sure because my daughter's citizenship would come through me. Also, what if the divorce isn't complete (or in process) when I have my appointment at the Consulate?

Note: I did obtain a copy of my marriage certificate for my second marriage.

Another thing: my first marriage - very young - also ended in divorce/annulment. Do I require documentation for that marriage/divorce(anullment) as well? My first marriage did not result in any children

Thanks in advance for your help, and Happy Holidays to all!

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Re: Are my divorce documents necessary for the application?

Postby mler » 21 Dec 2008, 13:14

You would, most definitely, need the official divorce papers from your first marriage. Even though you have a legal marriage document from your second marriage, the Italian consulate wants to be assured that this second marriage is indeed legal (marriage certificate notwithstanding).

The second divorce should not be mentioned until it is finalized. Once it is finalized, you present the official documents to the consulate as an addition to your application or, if you have already obtained citizenship at that time, as an update on your status.

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