Preparing My Documents for translation Question

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Preparing My Documents for translation Question

Postby fiji2439 » 09 Jan 2009, 16:14

At that stage have my appointment in a few months have my docs.
Question is there any tips or problems you have run into after docs have been translated? Any consulate grief or problems they look to bitch about with certain docs or translation?

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Re: Preparing My Documents for translation Question

Postby elba » 09 Jan 2009, 16:46

Depends very much on which consulate you are going to use....some are easy to deal with - others are definately NOT!

New York for example will even allow you to o the translations yourself, yet others DEMAND that translations are only done by translators who are 'on their official list'. But many will accept translations that are correct, clear and concise regardless of who did them.

The secret is in the 'quality' of translations of the official documents that you require for your application. Your best bet (next step) could be to ask the question at 'your' consulate, or ask here of any knowledge members have of any particular consulate.
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