Do name changes during naturalization apply to minors too?

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Do name changes during naturalization apply to minors too?

Postby stevec311 » 06 May 2009, 19:45

Hi everyone.

I'm in the process of gathering documents for my italian dual citizenship through my father's father's father (my paternal great grandfather). I've got most of the documentation. I have a few discrepencies that I need some help with. First off, the Italian birth certificate for my great grandfather lists his name as Nunziante De Cristofaro. On his naturalization record and marriage certificate, and on his son's (my grandfather's) birth certificate, it says DeChristofino. So theres a name discrepancy.

Secondly, on the Naturalization record, my ggf's name was changed from Nunzio DeChristofino to Samuel Christofi. All other documents after this point refer to him as Samuel Christofi. However, I cannot find proof that his son, my grandfather, had his name changed from Francis Nunzio DeChristofino to Francis Anthony Christofi. My grandfather was 5 or 6 years old when his grandfather naturalized in 1923. I think he is even listed on the naturalization record, but I don't have it in front of me. Is the naturalization record with the name change enough proof that my grandfather (who was US born, therefore already a US citizen) and his father both changed the last name or do I need to find seperate proof that my grandfather changed his last name too? If my grandfather never changed his name legally, does that mean that my last name should technically be DeChristofino?

Also, on the italian birth certificate for my ggf, it lists his parents names as Francesco De Cristofaro and Maria Del Vecchio. On his Death Certificate, it list his parents as Francis Christofi and Maria DelVecchio. Also, the date of birth on both docs match. Will this be enough proof that Nunziante De Cristofaro is Nunzio DeChristofino?

I would appreciate any help. Also, I'll be working with the Boston consulate.



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Re: Do name changes during naturalization apply to minors to

Postby mler » 06 May 2009, 22:24

I suspect that your ggf's name change as indicated on his naturalization papers applied to his minor children as well.

The changes of the father's name on your ggf's death certificate seems to indicate that the person providing the information was unaware of the name change; he/she thus assumed that your ggf's last name was the same as his father's.

In any case, I doubt this will be an issue. My gf's death certificate also had discrepancies regarding his parents' names, and no one seemed to care. The consulates are particularly concerned that the birth certificates show continuity. The information on the death certificate is not self reported and is, therefore, subject to inaccuracy.

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