Naturalization Problem?

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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Naturalization Problem?

Postby arist » 06 Jul 2009, 20:31

Applying GGGF > GGF > GM > F

More confusion and afraid now I've lost my right to obtain citizenship.

Brief explanation...

GGGF born in Italy 1965. Believed to never naturalize in US. Had my GGF, born 1900 in NYC as American cit. Moved to Italy in 1904 (aged 4)

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Re: Naturalization Problem?

Postby CowryShells » 06 Jul 2009, 22:43

Did you mean your GGGF was born in 1865? Then your GGF was born in 1900 and became a US citizen before your GM was born. Your GM does not qualify through your GGF, however she may qualify through your GGM. Did your GGF marry your GGM before he naturalized as a US citizen? If so, this law may apply:
Italian citizenship can be automatically acquired:
Through marriage:
Foreign women who married an Italian citizen before April 27, 1983, were automatically granted Italian citizenship...

But be sure to get the experts' opinions here!

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Re: Naturalization Problem?

Postby mler » 07 Jul 2009, 00:07

Even if GGM acquired citizenship through marriage, she could not pass citizenship to her daughter in 1935 so this line would not work.

No, arist, you cannot hide this from the consulate. You would have to make a formal declaration that your deceased ascendents never renounced Italian citizenship, and your GGF clearly did just that. You cannot skip a generation and go through your GGGF.

Somewhere along the way, your GGF's Italian citizenship and loss of that citizenship is likely to come up. If your GGF was at one point an Italian citizen, his comune is likely to have some questions when your family's documents are submitted to them for registration. He then becomes the "base" Italian, and you would need to prove he never naturalized or that he naturalized after your GM's birth, which you say is not the case.

Keep in mind that if you submit a fraudulent application, you will lose any opportunity to acquire Italian citizenship, EVER. It's something I would strongly advise against. Based on recent posts, the Italian consulates are scrutinizing applications very closely now, and applications that go back so many generations, especially those that pre-date 1912 are particularly vulnerable. This makes discovery of deception much more likely.

Unfortunately, since you are going back so many generations, you are also ineligible for a three-year residency route.

I'm so sorry that this does not work out for you. Is there any possibility through your maternal line?

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