Question about divorce decree

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Question about divorce decree

Postby phil100a » 07 Sep 2009, 08:07

Hope everyone is well. I've just received my Divorce document (my appt. with the Italian Consulate in San Francisco is in March of next year). I obtained what's called a "bifurcation" divorce. This means that the Divorce is final, with property matters to be settled at a later date. I am legally divorced (my ex-wide is getting married in a few weeks). My question about the document has to do with the fact that the first two pages are the divorce decree, but there are attached stipulation pages that have to do with property matters. It's about a 8 page document (with 2 pages being the divorce decree. I'm assuming that the first two pages is all the Consulate is interested in, right? I have also obtained a "Certificate of No Appeal" from the Court, proving that there are no appeals present in the divorce, and that I am *legally* divorced. The reason I'm asking about this is because I don't want to have all the "property issues" pages translated - they're attached to the divorce decree, but are not germane to the marriage dissolution.; I don't see any reason why it would be necessary to translate those pages, or even include them in the document array that the Consulate requests. Any help appreciated.

Thanks, in advance.

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