Naturalization docs--two questions

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Naturalization docs--two questions

Postby cannoli » 21 Sep 2010, 13:21

I am gathering documents to apply for citizenship. I have two questions about Naturalization documents.

I just received a packet from the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service which includes my great-grandfather's naturalization certificate. Also included are the Declaration of Naturalization and the Intention of Naturalization. Do I need to submit these additional documents as well? (I am hoping that I do not because they add more date of birth discrepancies).

In addition, according to the SF Consulate website, I must also provide a Certificate of Naturalization from the county where my great grandfather resided showing place of birth, all names used on official documents, date of birth, date of naturalization, and the certificate number. Connecticut state does not have county clerks in this capacity. The town clerk does not have the required information. Would the Immigration office of the state of Connecticut be the best place to direct this inquiry?

Thank you for any help with these questions.

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Re: Naturalization docs--two questions

Postby ricbru » 21 Sep 2010, 14:40

I suggest you to bring all the documents from that package with you, so you have the complete declaration of intention, petition and naturalization certificate, so with these 3 docs you can show they all are about your ancestor.
If there is discrepancy on naturalization paper, do not worry, the discrepancies needs to be amended only on US civil records

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