Progress update...looking for feedback for NY

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Progress update...looking for feedback for NY

Postby rgaetano » 01 Feb 2011, 03:53

Ciao a tutti,
It's been a while since I've posted, but I'd like to check in with my progress so far and get some feedback for my case. I will be applying in NY, and my appointment is at the end of May, 2011. I think my application is fairly straight forward, but that I will need to amend a few documents first. My plan is to try to amend everything that seems like a potential problem now, so that I won't have to later. (At least, this is my goal.) I am waiting to apostille/translate until I get all the documents and have them properly amended.

I am applying through my paternal blood line of GGF - GF - F - Me

My GGF naturalized, so I don't have the worry of "non existence" records.

Documents I have obtained
GGF birth certificate (Italy)
GGF + GGM marriage certificate (US)
GF birth certificate
GGF naturalization records
GGF death certificate
GGM death certificate
F birth certificate
M birth certificate
F + M marriage certificate
my birth certificate

Documents I still need to obtain
GGM Birth certificate (Italy, I wrote about 6 months ago, still waiting....)
GM birth certificate (NYS, I was asked to get a court order to obtain this)
GF + GM marriage (no difficulties expected in getting this)
GF death certificate (no difficulties expected in getting this)
GM death certificate (no difficulties expected in getting this)

Now to my concerns:
The biggest one I foresee is a small discrepancy in my GGF's birthdate. On his "Certificato di Nascita" it says he was born on August 21, while his "estratto del registro degli Atti Di Nascita" says the 23rd. I assume this means that he was born on the 21, but the birth wasn't registered until the 23rd. All of his naturalization records say the 23rd, but his death certificate says the 28th. However, the death certificate I have is an "extract computerized copy" (I was sent the wrong one instead of the long form, and am in the process of getting a photocopied version of the original) I am hoping that maybe the "3" in 23rd was mistaken as a "8" when put into the computer from the original document. Yet this is just a wish and is likely to be untrue. From what I read, the consulate will understand that I can't change the naturalization documents, but will want the death record to match the birth certificate. How easy is it to amend a DC in NYS? And should I have it amended to say the 21st, his actual birth, or the 23rd, when it was registered (which will also match his naturalization documents?

A one letter spelling change in my GGF + GGM marriage certificate. The last "i" in my GGF's last name is changed to an "o". I'm thinking that it's worth getting it amended, preventatively?

My GF's birth certificate has an "s" changed to a "z" in the last name. Again, I'm thinking that it's worth getting amended now rather than gambling it for my appointment?

It seems I may have trouble obtaining some of my maternal side documents, like my GGM birth certificate from Italy, who have been unresponsive, and my GM birth certificate which will require a court order. It seems from what I read that NY wants everything, even outside of the bloodline which you choose to apply. Should I still try to get these, but not make them a priority over concerns 1,2 and 3? What happens if I go to my appointment without them?

Any responses, to my questions or any other tips would be greatly appreciated. Especially to my concern about my GGF's death certificate, and whether I should have it amended to the 21st or the 23rd.

Grazie per tutto,

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Re: Progress update...looking for feedback for NY

Postby JavaisLife » 14 Feb 2011, 23:03

Hi - for the non-direct line.

They will ask for these certificates, but if you do not have them, I do not see that there will be a problem. I did not have my GGM birth certificate, and even though I was asked for it - we moved quickly along to other documents when I said I did not have it.


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Re: Progress update...looking for feedback for NY

Postby rgaetano » 20 Feb 2011, 15:16

Thanks Marie, this is good to hear!

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