Need help on Iorio and D'Amore from Mirabella Eclano

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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Need help on Iorio and D'Amore from Mirabella Eclano

Postby riorio » 21 Mar 2011, 22:16

Need info on Ciriaco Iorio, born 3/24/1879, and emmigrated to America (Boston, MA) in 1896, Believe he lived in Mirabella Eclano and his parents names were Angelo and Rebecca (Capadanno). Angelo may have been a baker since Ciriaco was one in Boston.

Also looking for any info on Teresina D'Amore, born 11/7/1880, and emmigrated to Boston in April or May of 1900 from the port of Genoa. She was a sculpturer and may have been a passenger of the ship SS ALLER. She later married Ciriaco in 1901. Her parents names were Michele D'Amore and Rachele Capucci. She may have also come from Mirabella Eclano.

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