Success in Detroit!!

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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Success in Detroit!!

Postby dalemma » 15 Jul 2011, 07:24

Thanks for the advice and camaraderie during this whole process from everyone. I'll try to keep my story short...but I'm pretty excited!!
I started seriously collecting the stuff you need, orig. birth, death marriage, divorce certs. apostilles around the beginning of the year. I was lucky, had GGF and GGM original Naturalization papers from 1950/1949. I got just about EVERYTHING the web sites say you need. Brought them to the Detroit Consulate in Feb (I was there for a Red Wings game anyway). They were great, no wait, I e-mailed a few weeks earlier and set the date and time. DO NOT pay to use their services, try calling and you'll understand! I had a ton of documents, but she (Giulia) went through them with me (in a cute playfully annoyed way). My GGF went by Joe, not Giuseppe, later documents said Joseph. This was almost an issue, but his death cert. had his name as Joseph (aka. Giuseppe) Lemma. They were absolutely fine with this....interestingly because his name was actually Sebastiano! on his birth cert. from Staiti RC. BUT his naturalization papers had his name as Giuseppe Sebastiano Lemma...My point is, in Detroit, as long as they can follow the paper trail, even if things don't seem perfect, they seemed satisfied. I was told about a few other things I needed, my son was born in Florida, so I needed the official sign-off from the Miami consulate, which she told me SHE would take care of...just to get her the translation. I also needed mine from Houston (the longest part of the process!) Now, I also had divorce certs from GGF/GGM from the 70's, these and marriage cert from the 20's took awhile because of misspellings and having to have a Judge officially correct them...and I didn't need any of them. All they were interested in was the line GGF/GF/F/ME. They wanted my parents stuff..but my dad was applying too. But anyone deceased or from the maternal line, she had little interest in. I only mention this because I did spend the time and money for many originals with apostilles. So I returned home and translated my parents marriage cert, the only thing missing for him, and sent it in. He received his letter 2 months later almost exactly..which seems common. I sent my stuff back to Detroit one and a half months later, they received it on June 3, my letter arrived today July 14. And I'm tickled pink!!! I know there are always lots of questions about translations..I used a friends from Michigan as a template for MI docs and did them myself. I used an online translator or Italian/English dictionary for most the other stuff, and a couple (the ones to other consulates or confusingly long certs) I paid around $30 apiece for. Again this is Detroit, I don't know how picky other consulates are. Also, to obtain my GGF birth cert from Staiti, I found a sample request letter from this site, changed the applicable stuff and FAXED it in from a number I found on the Comune website. To be honest, it arrived quicker than most of my requests from the States. The biggest potential headache with certs was from Pennsylvania, it took 4 months to get my GM birth cert....but like I said, I didn't need it anyway! Best of luck to everyone going through the process, if anyone has any questions, this is the place to ask. If there are any about my experience please ask, but I'm not really the pro...I can just answer from my experience with Detroit.

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