USCIS letter details?

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USCIS letter details?

Postby KarenChristino » 14 Aug 2011, 16:35

I got a letter on my GGF from the USCIS last year which says, "no record was found to exist indicating that the subject listed below obtained naturalization as a citizen of the U.S." I then read a post a while ago saying that the consulate needed it to specifically say, "never became a U.S. citizen." Since they postponed my appointment until February, I'm making corrections and wrote for this one. After about 2 weeks I got a call from a nice USCIS woman saying that they had already corrected their form to accommodate the Italian Consulate and that as far as she knew the original wording was all I needed.

Does anyone have recent experience with the NYC consulate on what specific wording is required? Am I OK with what they sent me?


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