NARA "No record of Naturalzn." VS. BCIS "Rec

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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NARA "No record of Naturalzn." VS. BCIS "Rec

Postby drcaggiano » 05 Nov 2004, 07:22

I have the NARA "No record found Letter" for my grandfather
ad am waiting for the BCIS to send me a similar letter.

Has anyone successfully used the NARA leter "No rec found of Nat"
to show that their ancestor was the child of an Italan citizen?
( In my case it is to prove my father was a ciotizen since my GF was never naturalized.)

I have heard you need the BCIS letter but
I'm not sure it's really needed.

also, how strict are the Italians about spelling changes-
My GF was ": Michele" in Italy and that got americanized to Michael.

Actual experinces with Italian consulates rather than speculation are most sought.

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Re: NARA "No record of Naturalzn." VS. BCIS "

Postby mtpizzo » 06 Nov 2004, 02:54

Italian naturalization law is based upon Italian customs rather than American regulations.

In Italy all naturalization records are held at the Italian archives in Rome, because of this Italian law supposes that all foreign naturalization records are held in the national archives of foreign countries. Which means that the letter from the national archives in Washington is more important than any document from a INS office.

Here is my experience dealing with this issue:

I had three documents from the INS proving that my ancestor was not a citizen, so I figured this would be more than enough to prove my case. I was wrong.

So, I called the archives and they wrote me a letter stating that there were no records of naturalization for my ancestor because the documents that I already had submitted proved he was not an ancestor.

Email me if you have questions:

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Re: NARA "No record of Naturalzn." VS. BCIS "

Postby elenapap » 06 Dec 2004, 04:46

mtpizzo... curious. Did the consulate accept the NARA letter you requested? What phone number did you call?

Thanks for any information,


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