Need Exemplification Letter Fast. NYC Appointment Next Week

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Mike Mo
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Need Exemplification Letter Fast. NYC Appointment Next Week

Postby Mike Mo » 11 Oct 2011, 18:04

I have an appointment with the NYC Consulate next week and I got all my documents apostilled and ready.

The only document I don't have apostilled is my Grandmothers Death certificate from 2009 because Vital Records forgot to send me a letter of exemplification.

I know there is a fast solution however I rather solve it myself. I've been told if I pay someone $200 they will "fix the problem" and have the document apostilled however I would like to do it myself as I don't want the document to leave my hands.

Please help me and please let me know how I can get a letter of exemplfication or other letter which will allow me to get my Grandmothers 2009 NYC death certificate apostilled.

I need a letter of exemplification or another letter that will allow me to get the county clerk seal and then Apostille


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Re: Need Exemplification Letter Fast. NYC Appointment Next W

Postby sceaminmonkey » 11 Oct 2011, 20:46

200 bucks? wtf? who told you that? if it was issued by the NYC dept of health then go in and go to the corrections office and ask to speak to mrs timbers. she is actually the " head of dual citizenship applications for correction". as stupid as that sounds and as random as it is that the nyc dept of health has that, she introduced herself to me as that and other employees told me she is and I could only deal with her. go in and talk to her asap. I think she can help but no promises. she worked with me and is a sweet lady. don't let someone scam 200 bucks from you. the letters of exemplification are free!!

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Re: Need Exemplification Letter Fast. NYC Appointment Next W

Postby Italia1963 » 12 Oct 2011, 00:52

Hopefully that wasn’t a government employee asking for the $200 to “fix” the problem. They should be ashamed of themselves as it seems like a simple fix. Screamin’ is right…you need to speak with Ms. Timbers who may be able to provide the exemplification and then you just have to walk it over to the Dept. of State for the Apostille.

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Re: Need Exemplification Letter Fast. NYC Appointment Next W

Postby rjnigro » 12 Oct 2011, 13:58

Actually, with the exemplification letter in hand, one has to go to 60 Centre Street 3rd floor before going to NYS Dept of State 123 William St 19th Floor. ... otherwise the guy at 123 William St will say ... "This is not ready for us"

Also, I would think, if you have a long form certificate issued by NYC DOH, presenting it and asking for the exemplification letter would be a easy. I would definitely go to the Corrections Unit Room 144 ... They are a lot easier to work with than the general room

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