Questions about AIRE, and Passport.

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Questions about AIRE, and Passport.

Postby tlisti » 06 Jul 2013, 18:54

I have recently heard from the Houston Consulate, acknowledging my Italian Citizenship. My questions, if anyone can answer:
1. Did the info and documents I submitted to the Consulate ever go to somewhere/anywhere (my region) in Italy, or were they just reviewed by the Consulate, and the people at the Consulate made the decision to grant my citizenship? What is the process?

2. Is the citizenship then confirmed and documented by the AIRE? What is the AIRE and am I required to submit it?

3. Although I am eligible (I guess) for an EU passport, I really don't need it right now, and prefer to wait. Is there any problem with this? Am I required to get the passport now? If I don't, will it complicate my getting it in, say, a year from now?

Thanks for help with answers.

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Re: Questions about AIRE, and Passport.

Postby mler » 07 Jul 2013, 13:31

1. Your documents were sent to your ancestral comune where they are registered. It may be a good idea to write to your comune and request that they send your your Italian birth certificate. It will have the registration date on it but, of course, you were a citizen from birth.

2. AIRE is your registration at your consulate. As an Italian citizen living outside of Italy, it is important that you keep the consulate informed of any changes in your status (births, marriages, divorces, address changes, etc.). If you, at any time, need to change your status, notify the consulate and update. If you move to a different jurisdiction, you will have to contact your new consulate.

3. No need to get a passport now. Since you are now registered in AIRE, there will be no problem getting a passport when you need it, but be sure to keep the AIRE up to date. And, of course, you also have your Italian birth certificate, or will soon.

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