Will NY Consulate accept PDF's of Italian birth certificates?

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Will NY Consulate accept PDF's of Italian birth certificates?

Postby Donna B » 10 Jul 2016, 13:28

I'm gathering docs for a December citizenship appointment with the NY Consulate. I emailed the Commune di Buronzo where my grandparents were born asking assistance in obtaining birth certificates. I thought they would send me application forms or some type of steps to follow. Instead they emailed back PDFs of birth certificates ("stratto Dell'Atto Di Nascita N.") with the Commune's seal and official signature. Does anyone know whether these PDFs will be accepted by the NY Consulate or do I need to obtain "original" forms with raised seal?

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Re: Will NY Consulate accept PDF's of Italian birth certificates?

Postby suanj » 27 Aug 2016, 15:47

No the Consulate accept the original certificate, so please to write again asking the original paper birthcertificate with the signature and seal of Ufficiale di stato Civile and explaining that the pdf is no helpful for dual citizenship application... I had same problem and and I really sweated to get the original certificate... I have to say that normally the clerks first send the digital copy in pdf and then the original certificate by regular mail... but no all clerks making so.... so write again explaining that the Italian Consulate don't accept digital copy but just the original certificate, on paper, with seal and signature....
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