New to site / Miami consulate

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.
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New to site / Miami consulate

Postby JMFL » 02 Aug 2006, 16:26

I'm new here and really like this site. I've spent some time tonigh looking through the archives. I am in the process of gathering documents for jure sanguinis. I can qualify through either set of grandparents but I am going thru my Mom's side since there are fewer mispelling of names and I have more information on her side of the family. I am waiting on birth, naturalization and marriage certificated from Ronciglione, Italy. I sent a letter to Ronciglione about 6 weeks ago. I wasn't aware of IRC so I didn't send any. I'm thinking I might send an apology letter for not sending the IRC or even a self addressed return envelope and asking them again to send me my grandparents paperwork. I don't want to appear pushy though, so I'm going to give it two more weeks, which will be 2 months since I requested the information from them.

I have tried via email, phone and letter to contact the Miami consulate to see if they will accept my forms. I didn't want to go through the expense and time of translating and apostilling forms that they may not accept because of a minor name mispelling.

Has anyone had any success in dealing with the Miami consulate lately? I live about 8 hours away, so it would be a long drive just to have them answer some questions for me.


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Re: New to site / Miami consulate

Postby suanj » 02 Aug 2006, 19:39

Jan don't worry for long time in Ronciglione reply.. don't send the envelope now beacuse is no helpful, but you can write , saying that you wait again the documents!

however you sure will receive the documents helpful for italian citizenship in form helpful for foreign country so you don't must to translate it... suanj
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Re: New to site / Miami consulate

Postby redangie24 » 06 Aug 2006, 07:50

If you have questions I would send an email to the miami consulate again. Make sure you are sending it to the right person. I have been working with them for the last year it takes about 2 weeks for them to contact you back, but its better than phone messages which so far I have never gotten a response from ever. If you don't understand the web page directory to make sure you are going to the write person use babel fish translator. It is not good for direct translations since its gets allot of things wrong but it works for your own informaiton. (I know it offers the pages in English, but not all of them get translated).

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