Italian citizen - The excluded!

Over 25 million Italians have emigrated between 1861 and 1960 with a migration boom between 1871 and 1915 when over 13,5 million emigrants left the country for European and overseas destinations.

Italian citizen - The excluded!

Postby jduarte41 » 12 Mar 2003, 20:10

Fortaleza (Brazil), March,12, 2003. <BR> <BR>Dear Folks, <BR> <BR>I\'m here to talk about a very important subject related to the italian citizenship. <BR> <BR>Pay attention to what says this text below (the text was taken from the Italian Consolate at São Paolo, Brazil): <BR> <BR>CONSOLATO GENERALE D\'ITALIA IN SAN PAOLO -BRASILE <BR>VADEMECUM PER OTTENERE IL RICONOSCIMENTO DELLA CITTADINANZA ITALIANA <BR>Gennaio 2003 <BR>q PRINCIPI FONDAMENTALI DEL RICONOSCIMENTO DELLA CITTADINANZA <BR>Hanno diritto alla cittadinanza italiana: <BR>1. Figli, nipoti e bisnipoti etc. di italiano, senza limite di generazione, se la cittadinanza e\' trasmessa per linea paterna <BR>2. Figli, nipoti e bisnipoti di donna italiana, soltanto se nati dopo il 01.01.1948. <BR>3. Esistono tuttavia cause di perdita di cittadinanza italiana, conformemente alle norme in vigore, descritte di seguito. <BR> <BR> This text is related to italian citizenship. It is written in italian, but it says that children borned before 1948, from na italian woman and a non-italian man, can\'t get the italian citizenship. <BR> <BR> Now, what hapen? <BR> <BR>I\'m great-grandson of an italian couple that came to live in Brazil near 1900. <BR> <BR>They had 2 daughters. <BR>One of them, my grandmother, had 4 children, three, before 1948, and one, after. <BR> <BR> So, those that borned before can\'t get the italian citizenship, and those borned after, can. <BR> <BR> Children from the same mother and father! <BR> <BR> But the principle that rules the italian citizenship is \"jus sanguinis\". The inheritance is passed from father or mother to their children by the blood. <BR> <BR>But what is the difference between brother\'s blood? How can we make this difference? <BR> <BR>Because of it, many people, in this case, that try to require italian citizenship has their process refused, and much more don\'t even try! <BR> <BR>Into the same family we have people that the italian government recognizes as italian citizens, while others, not! It happens first between brothers, and their kids (cousins) and so on. <BR> <BR>I\'m studying this case, mainly because it affects me, but affects too many other people. <BR> <BR>To know better the problem, access: <BR> <BR>We wish to explain the problem to those that doesn\'t know yet about it, and discuss some ways to finish with this strange and bad situation that exclude and distinguish people from the same family (couple and their kids). One of the main ways is to get a new law to solve the problem. <BR> <BR>If you\'d like to help us (and we need!!!), please contact us: <a href="" target="_new"></a> <BR> <BR>If you are italian or descendent, please vote in people compromised in changing this situation (they can make new laws!). <BR> <BR>Thank you. <BR> <BR>João Luís Duarte. <BR>

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