Applying for citizenship while in Italy?

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Applying for citizenship while in Italy?

Postby amycarson9 » 01 Jan 2008, 04:44

I just got a job in Rome, and I leave in two weeks (taking over for another American who has been a private English tutor there for 3 years). I'll be entering on a 90-day Schengen visa, and working in the black at first--But I just found out that I am, in fact, eligible for Italian citizenship jure sanguinis.

I read somewhere that one can apply for a temporary visa IN ITALY, while waiting to achieve citizenship. Does anyone have any information on this process? What exactly do I have to do? What offices do I take my documents to? Can I apply during the last month of my Schengen visa?

Right now I'm having my mother and grandmother gather documents for me here in the US. I figure I should be able to have them apostilled and sent to my new address in Rome before my 90-day visa has expired.

Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated...


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Re: Applying for citizenship while in Italy?

Postby nuccia » 01 Jan 2008, 06:13


Contact member ricbru who specializes in Italian Citizenship requests of all kinds. His website is..

He should be able to answer your questions about this.
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Re: Applying for citizenship while in Italy?

Postby peggymckee » 01 Jan 2008, 14:02

Dear Amy,

Check out Miserdo's answer in this post from another board:
I can't vouch for its correctness but it seems like a good starting place.

All the best, Peg
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Re: Applying for citizenship while in Italy?

Postby mler » 01 Jan 2008, 15:20

The only problem I can see with your plan is that generally a visa that allows you to stay in Italy as you await citizenship does not permit you to work in Italy. My husband, a naturalized American, was told this specifically, and I would guess it applies to jure sanguinis applicants as well.

In addition, you need to be sure that the documents your mother and grandmother gather are of recent issue or you will not be able to obtain apostilles for them. You may well be better off having your mother and grandmother apply at your local consulate while you are in Italy. Your path will then be easy.

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