citizenship application -- 2 consulates???

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citizenship application -- 2 consulates???

Postby ChrisAnne » 13 Feb 2008, 04:06

My brother and I are interested in gaining our citizenship through our grandfather. We are still quite a ways away from having ALL the necessary paperwork together to do that, but my brother lives in Florida; I live in Connecticut. I'm the one doing all the legwork in this; which I certainly do not mind -- but I would hate to have to get 2 sets of paperwork -- 1 for me and one for him. Is there a way we can make the application together in one consulate office or do we absolutely have to make the applications through our separate locations?

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Re: citizenship application -- 2 consulates???

Postby davidlatour » 13 Feb 2008, 05:53


You have to apply at the consulate of your jurisdiction; however, I've heard there are 2 ways you can both apply (i'm in a similar situation). The first way is to collect 2 sets of documents as you mentioned. The other way is to have one of you apply first and wait to be recognized. Once the documents are recognized the different consulate officers will be able to find out that the rest of the family is eligible.
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