Death Certificates from little hill towns of Sicily

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Death Certificates from little hill towns of Sicily

Postby Tonal » 11 Jul 2008, 17:51

Just curious. I don't know the day my great great Grandfathers died, most probably in the little town of Sant'Anna di Caltabellotta, where they were born and raised, and married. Would there be a way the workers in the Town Hall, where records are kept, to be able to search through the years, say, following the birth of their last child? I have those dates in doing research and do know the dates when they were born and married, but a researcher I employed says that he is unable to find out the dates of their death without a date.


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Re: Death Certificates from little hill towns of Sicily

Postby VaDeb » 11 Jul 2008, 21:06

I would advise to write them a letter and ask. Provide as much detail as possible. I visited Villalba (also a tiny comune) and found they had most of their vital records is an Excel spreadsheet type data base. They easily provided a print out of the head of the family and children. It did not include all dates for events in the life of the family, but it may have just been how I worded my request. I believe they used this database as a sort of index and then could easily find the actual record in the books. The books were what the microfilm records were of.

Depending of the dates you need, I would try the microfilm and check indexes myself. Sometimes you can narrow down the date of a parents death by watching how the parent is described when a child gets married.

There are vital records from LDS for 1821-1929. ... umns=*,0,0

Good luck

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Re: Death Certificates from little hill towns of Sicily

Postby nazca » 15 Jul 2008, 08:28

Hi Tonal,
this is the official website and info-mail :,
Try to send a mail (if possible in italian too) ..

Click on "photogallery: foto d'epoca" : there are old pictures and maybe there are your relatives...

best regards

I'm searching lost relatives and descendant of my greatgrandfather Vincenzo Genualdi (or Gennaldi or Genuardi) and my greatgrandmother Concetta Davola (their sons: Angela, Carmela, Antonio, Bartolomeo, Ernesto, Simone, Riccardo, Maria) went in Chicago,Ill., and New Orleans, in 1880-1920 from Sicily. Other family related : Jacobucci or Jacopucci (from Central Italy).

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