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Postby carlina » 12 Aug 2003, 00:59

I am an Italian-American looking for information on my mother's family:

Mother: Luciana Franchi, born Rapallo, Italy 8-5-1923
Grandmother: Rosa Matilde (or Matilde Rosa) De Guiseppe Franchi, born Jan. 12, 1887, died 1968. Married: Guiseppe Luigi Franchi.

Guiseppe Franchi was, supposedly, a doctor and died sometime during the war - 1942, 1943 or 1944.

The Franchi's lived in Florence. Rosa Franchi had 3 sisters, one may have married a Spinoza or de Spinoza.

I have very little information about the Franchi or De Guiseppe family and there is no one left to ask. Any leads, ideas or information would be greatly appreciated. Multo gracia. Ciao.

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Postby ptimber » 12 Aug 2003, 01:42

Read the home page of this website on genealogy. Further I suuest that you obtain a book called Italian Genealogical records by Trafford R. Cole which is factual and an easy read.

For your specific case start your genealogy by working backward from the USA to Italy (if this is the result of immigration to the USA) and if so go thru and then determine if you wish documents or relatives. Bear in mind that in Italy all records, history are in the town of origin. Relatives are obviously in the same town of origin despite any moves family members have made from that point of origin, your roots are there. Think about what research objectives you want to achieve and please feel free to get back to us at any point. Peter

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