Anyone wwith Family in Vietri S/Mare Salerno Italy?

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Anyone wwith Family in Vietri S/Mare Salerno Italy?

Postby nickyras » 24 Sep 2008, 14:35

I have had a letter translated and I am trying to find a way to get in touch with these relitives the letter as translated is as follows:

21 March 1973

Dearest cousins and all the family, I’ll set about writing to give you my news, I am enjoying good health as I hope you and the family are too.
Dear cousin, it would give me enormous joy if I could speak to you ‘live’, and get to know what you are like, as you know I had two brothers the first died in 1936 at 33 years of age, He was called Gennaro. The other brother was called Vincenzo and he died in 1967 at 49 years of age, this last one died at work, he was a miner, he broke a piece of rock from a block of stone and it crushed him, I was very shocked by this and was left with a wife with five children who are all settled well and happily married now. The wife of the second was without children then (but?) had 5 sisters 2 of which are dead, three enjoy good health. The two who died were called the first Teresa died in 1970 at the age of 70 and the second was called Maria Antonia and she died at 54 years of age in 1971. For the three who are still alive I have included their addresses. They are as follows

Sig.ra. **Piscane/Pisircane/Pisireane Anna Via Pilieri Raito per Albori, Vietri S/Mare
84019 Salerno

** N.B. I’m Sorry, I just cannot make out the surnames here…

Via Pilieri Raito per Albori,
Vietri S/Mare
84019 Salerno

Dearest cousin the address of the third I’ll send you in my next letter that I will write later because at the moment I can’t find the third is called Graziella and she lives in Genova. With this I’ll close and send you a warm embrace Francesca **Piscane/Pisircane/Pisireane Thanks to the lady who wrote this for me I owe it to her if you can read this news send yours apart (sorry I cannot read the last three words – they too indistinct…)
Nicholas Racioppi
New Jersey

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