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Postby Ciciru » 10 Sep 2003, 16:37

Does anyone have any information concerning the surname Costa? Any information would be most appreciated. Grazie. :)
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Postby ptimber » 10 Sep 2003, 17:15

Costa is very common and spread out all over Italy. It means Coast in english and that is what is meant by the name. Peter
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Postby suanj » 10 Sep 2003, 22:31

Hi Ciciru: Costa surname it means coming from Costa town(in Cadore area-Veneto region).. like from a manuscript of 1251 year is name a person Elia di Costa (italian di or da=from).

They were called Costani inhabitants, and to first name followed "di Costa" (born in Costa) or "Costan"(dialect=from Costa).
This surname it appears present in Chieri (Torino province-Piemonte region)subsequently. It is remembered Bernadino Costa (1413 year)coming from Chieri (Torino province-Piemonte region) subsequently allocated in Bene Vagienna's Common (Cuneo province-Piemonte region).

The Costa's family, subsequently it appears in Lombardia, Liguria and Sardegna(around year 1769) region, and others (currently is very diffused in Sicilia)..
In Lombardia region this surname it appears in years 1574-1654 in towns: Foina - Torre - Calzana - Parmezzana - Gaina (Brescia province) ... one19.html
and in year 1580 it appears on registries of Monticelli Brusati (Brescia province) with person Francò Costa name. ... one21.html .
Currently Costa Family in Italy is famous for naval company of cruises (in Liguria region)....
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