Di Credico, Andreola, and Panara Familys

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Di Credico, Andreola, and Panara Familys

Postby jonas.smith » 21 Feb 2009, 08:59

I know i already posted on here but I have more information. Cesare's father was Daniele Di Credico. Cesare married Anna Panara. I also wanted know if there is any information about the Andreola family all I know is the they are from Campobasso, Molise

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Re: Di Credico, Andreola, and Panara Familys

Postby ilducadimolise » 15 Aug 2015, 15:26

Dear Jonas,
I am American living in New England and just starting a search into my father's origins (Andreola) in the town of Tufara near Campobasso. Wondering if you have made any progress? (my Italian is very weak and this is my first post here). Thank you.

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Re: Di Credico, Andreola, and Panara Familys

Postby adelfio » 17 Aug 2015, 01:31

Welcome to IG website heres some info. How about some dates and full names

In searching Italian civil records you have birth(nati) death(morte) marriage (matrimoni) by year most go from 1866-1910 some towns have other years. Indexes are found at the beginning or end of the year you are searching by index number and surname.There are also multi year indexes which combine 5 or 10 years of indexes
Babies are born then presented to the civil official of the town usually within a few days of birth for entry in the birth registry. If there is a problem and they cant register the birth act until much later they are entered in the Parte 2 for that year usually in the rear of the records and that record is usually handwritten. Sometimes there are sidenotes with marriage or death information or if the act has a mistake in it a correction to those mistakes
Marriage records include birth town, ages, occupations, parents names, if they are deceased
Death records have age parents if they were married and to whom and usually town of birth
Civil records are signed by the civil official and 2 witnesses not usually family members
The indexes for the churches in Italy of baptism and marriage and death are arranged by first name first (later years last name first) by year and date of the act and page and record number. Just find your person in the index and go back to the records to find the act you

https://familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/ ... al_Records

https://familysearch.org/learningcenter ... 22Italy%22

Civil records of Tufara
http://www.antenati.san.beniculturali.i ... no/Tufara/

http://www.antenati.san.beniculturali.i ... ne/Tufara/

http://www.antenati.san.beniculturali.i ... co/Tufara/

Researching Trabia, Palermo surnames Adelfio, Bondi, Butera, Scardino,Rinella, Scardamaglia


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