The Greco Mystery in Panama

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The Greco Mystery in Panama

Postby grecojdw » 19 Mar 2009, 23:52

Hi everybody. I am new here and hope that you could help me. I come from a large and historical family in Panama who's ancestry is filled with mystery. Our original ancestor, Vicente Greco, came to Panama between 1888-1894. We think that he came because of some political thing that was occurring in Italy around that time and that another Italian living in Panama was trying to help him establish himself in the textiles industry in Panama. The mystery comes in two parts. We do not know what part of Italy or what city he came from. We also know he had either 2 or 3 brothers that all went their separate ways immigrating at the same time that he did all over the Americas (the speculation is they went to New York, and Argentina). The good news is that there were very few Italians who immigrated to Panama so it might be easier to find his story but I have not a clue how to search records in Panama or in Italy since I don't speak a lick of Italian. I would like to finally solve all this mess since all the stories about him seem pure speculation. He did leave a legacy with us since his genetics were very strong leaving the Italian footprint all over our family (my grandmother looks like she stepped off a boat from Italy :D ). Thank You for any help with my dilemma.

James Wells-Greco

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Re: The Greco Mystery in Panama

Postby PeterTimber » 20 Mar 2009, 04:25

Dear Mr James wells Greco as you know Panama did not become a republic until 1921 and while ostensibly under the jurisdictionof the Colombian government was actually in the hands of the Panama canal Company starting well before the 11 years it took to build the canal. The only records avilable now in the republic of Panama are in their Civil registry offices (registro Civil, Panama City) and records can be obtained for a fee at covering births.marriages and deaths.

I have no knowldge as to what records the Colombian giovernment or the Panama canal c ompany maintained for immigrants.

I checked the NYCEllisisland website for arriving immmigrants under Vincenzo Greco but there are so many that they required m,ore information that you or I could furnish. I did check for 1899 to 1905 arrivals at NYC at the www. website and discovered that there are 106 Vincenzo Greco listed which also required additonal information. I then checked for Vincenzo Greco arriing at Buenos Aires and found that there are 18 Vincenzo Greco arriving there in those same early years and once again required more specific information

In Italy most records are in the City, town or village of origin and once you know that you know your family back to the early 1800 in most cases.
Thus the burden falls upon you to go thru as many records as you can or seek out oral family history from friends and relatives and let us know whatever information you can glean so that we can attempt to locate your faamily geenalogy in Italy.
We are here and have no problems with languages be it english,spanish or Italian. Looking forward to hearing from you. I spent my first year in South America in the republic and came to know most of the country "hasta chiriqui" =Peter=

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