Famiglia Farruggia d'Aragona

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Famiglia Farruggia d'Aragona

Postby Aragonesi » 03 Apr 2009, 04:03

I am looking for information about Farruggias from Aragona in Agrigento Province, Sicily.

My grandparents, Giuseppe and Carmella Farruggia, emigrated from Aragona to the United States around 1921-22.

They both had the surname Farruggia, because their fathers were brothers. I do not remember Giuseppe's father's name (I think it was Giacomo), but Carmella's father's name was Emmanuel Farruggia. Giuseppe and his father were salt miners; Emmanuel was (I think) a baker or a grocer.

Giuseppe was born in 1892 in Aragona, Sicily, died in 1946 in West Virginia.
Carmello was born in 1899 in Aragona, Sicily, died in 1990 in West Virginia.

Carmello had a younger brother, Antonio, who was an artist. On the Internet I found a listing for an Antonio Farruggia at the same address we last received a letter from him more than 30 years ago, and I have written to that address several times with no reply. If he is still alive, he would be in his 90s.

I would like to learn more about my family's history and try to connect with anyone in Aragona who is from this particular Farruggia family.

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Re: Famiglia Farruggia d'Aragona

Postby suanj » 03 Apr 2009, 05:18

Giuseppe Farruggia came in USA, the second time in the Jul 30, 1920; Carmela Farruggia wife in Aragona; final destination Boston, MA; he was in USA from 1911 to 1915..

First Name: Giuseppe
Last Name: Ferruggia
Ethnicity: Italy, Ital. South
Last Place of Residence: Aragona, Sicily; US
Date of Arrival: Jul 30, 1920
Age at Arrival: 28y Gender: M Marital Status: M
Ship of Travel: Patria
Port of Departure: Palermo
Manifest Line Number: 0023
http://ellisisland.org/search/shipManif ... 0584%2ETIF

Carmela Farruggia came with Vincenzo son in USA the 9 Apr 1921;
father Emanuele Farruggia in Aragona, Girgenti( current Agrigento) and joining at Giuseppe Farruggia husband in Boston, MA

Boston Passenger Lists, 1820-1943
about Carmela Farruggia
Name: Carmela Farruggia
Arrival Date: 9 Apr 1921
Age: 22 years
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1899
Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: Italian
Port of Departure: Naples, Italy
Ship Name: Canopic
Port of Arrival: Boston, Massachusetts
Friend's Name: Giuseppe Farruggia
Last Residence: Italy
Birthplace: Girgenti, Italy
Microfilm Roll Number: 264

Giuseppe Farruggia was born the 14 aug 1892

U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942
about Joe Farruggia
Name: Joe Farruggia
Birth Date: 14 Aug 1892
RESIDENCE: Raleigh, West Virginia
Birth: Arogona, Italy
Roll: WW2_2283495

by Mormon's microfilm of Aragona civil records you can know more abt the Giuseppe parents and siblings, so maybe then will be possible to found the living italian relatives...:
Topic Italy, Agrigento, Aragona - Civil registration

Titles Registri dello stato civile di Aragona (Agrigento), 1821-1910 Aragona (Agrigento). Ufficio dello stato civile

http://www.familysearch.org/eng/library ... umns=*,0,0

hoping helpful, regards,
Visit my website:

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Re: Famiglia Farruggia d'Aragona

Postby Aragonesi » 03 Apr 2009, 06:56

Grazie, molto bene! These are indeed my grandparents, although one of the records has the wrong birth date --- Giuseppe was born in April 1892, not August. He did come to the US prior to World War I to work in the Boston shipyards, but went back to Italy at the outbreak of the war and was drafted into the Italian Army. He was wounded in battle and spent some time recuperating in a hospital. He was supposedly (according to my grandmother) awarded the Italian equivalents of the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star for his bravery and wounds, but his medals were instead given to a cousin who was in the direct lineage of a noble branch of the family.

I will go to the links you supplied and see what else I can find. Thank you very much!

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Re: Famiglia Farruggia d'Aragona

Postby Bella5 » 07 Apr 2009, 04:34

My Uncle's name is John Farrugia. His family was from Sicily. He lives in Akron Ohio and is in his 80's. He married my mothers sister, Angelina Piperni from Casacalenda, who passed away a few years ago. They have 3 children. Maria, Anthony and Carmela. They all live in Akron as well.
Hope this helps

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Re: Famiglia Farruggia d'Aragona

Postby emanuelefarruggia » 01 Dec 2009, 21:27

I Farruggia Emmanuel, son of Antonio Farruggia "the artist", my father celebrated November 5 this year 97.
With pleasure we read your message and happy to reconnect with our relatives in America.
My father remembers with affection every moment spent in West Virginia.
I live in Agrigento, while my father and my mother still live in Aragon.
Our family has three children, besides me, who are the youngest (47 years), there are Angela and Francesca.
To write this message are my son and my daughter Martha Antonio Farruggia Farruggia.
I hope able to get back in touch on Facebook.

Emanuele Farruggia

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Re: Famiglia Farruggia d'Aragona

Postby Aragonesi » 01 Dec 2009, 23:12

I am sooooooooo happy to hear from you! Two years ago I wrote to Antonio at the last address I had from him, but never heard back, and thought maybe he had died and you and your sisters moved away. Several Farruggias on Facebook who are from Aragona have been trying to help me locate anyone from my family, and I also wrote to the priest and the Chiesa del Santa Rosario.

My Facebook page can be easily found, my profile image is a photo of me and my Beagle together. You won't see another photo like it anywhere!

My direct e-mail address is j52farruggia@gmail.com, so please feel free to contact me at that e-mail address as soon as you see this message.

I am a journalist living in Luray, Virginia, I am assistant editor of a chain of small weekly newspapers. I also teach religion as an adjunct professor at a local community college, as I have a theology degree and was a Methodist minister for eight years in West Virginia.

Twice over the last two years I had planned to take a trip to Sicily with an American touring company just to have a chance to see our homeland and visit Aragona in the hope of finding Antonio or his family, but illness or work schedules kept me from going. I am very happy to hear that Antonio is still alive, please give him my best wishes for a happy holiday, and hopefully I will have a chance to visit Sicily next year to see all of you.

-Joe Farruggia

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Re: Famiglia Farruggia d'Aragona

Postby natalebuscemi » 17 Jan 2010, 21:09

Hello, I noticed on your post that you have family in Aragona, Sicily. Both my mother and father's family come from there. The names of my paternel and maternal grandparents are Buscemi, Mula, Aliamo, and Mirasola. So I've begun to research these names. If your family is from that town perhaps there is some connection. I would be interested in any info you may have researching in Aragona or perhaps in finding a family connection.

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