Story about hard to find birth record

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Story about hard to find birth record

Postby borderline » 16 Apr 2009, 16:05

I thought I knew the birthdate and town of birth of one of my great grandfathers. We had his death certificate listing his birthdate as Sep. 25, 1887 in Milazzo. I knew his parents' names. In going through the microfilms, I found three siblings, but could not find his record. One of the siblings was born only 13 months after his supposed birthday, which seemed suspicious.

I went through the index for several years on either side of the listed birthdate. Nothing. Could the family have moved out of the town for a couple of years? Then we found a copy of the birth certificate. The town was correct, and the date....was covered by a piece of tape! Holding it to the light, we saw Sep. 25, and that a 7 or a 6? Looks like a 6!

Back to the microfilm. Nothing in the index, but wait! The index for the "A" surnames ends in August. Going to the list of records....There it is. Record date Sep. 29, 1886, birthdate Sep. 25, 1886. Mystery solved.

A satisfying conclusion to a mystery created by a mistake on an official document. So don't trust everything you see on the internet or even on paper documents!

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