records before 1809?

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records before 1809?

Postby codysmimi » 09 Dec 2003, 04:23

Can anyone help? I need to know where I can find village records before 1809? I have researched all of the LDS records of the following towns: Cerro al Volturno, Acquviva d' Isernia and Castellone al Volturno, San Vincenzo(these last 2 towns are now called Castel San Vincenzo) Molise, Italy. Where these records kept elsewhere? Say, in a parrochial region?

Also, one of the volunteers at the LDS Family History Center mentioned that the LDS church was given permission to film the records held at the Vatican. Has anyone heard about this? Do you know what records are being filmed?

Any help would be appreciated especially, with locating records before 1809.


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Postby ptimber » 09 Dec 2003, 17:32

Only local parished would have any records for prior years. The churches may have a "book of Souls" which was a church way of keeping a census on parishoners and may be available. Why not write to Moromon church in Utah and ask them about the filming. I have not heard anything about this. Sounds interesting. Peter

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Postby jmtc77 » 10 Dec 2003, 09:32

8) Before 1809 In the Isernia area, as Peter said, you need to use the parish records that are held in every single parish. Those have not been microfilmed so far in that area. I have not heard anything of the microfilming of the records in Vatican and I have some doubts about it for two reasons:
1 I talked last month with the person in charge for the microfilms in Italy and he did not mention anything about this project.
2 There are no general birth, or marriage or death records held in the Vatican so I do not see the point to microfilm it.

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