Looking for relatives of Biaggio Zanni from Trani - Bari

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Looking for relatives of Biaggio Zanni from Trani - Bari

Postby ptimber » 30 Sep 2002, 17:32

First of all Josefina in Italian is GIUSEPPINA. Next there are 15 Zanni surnamed persons in Trani. I would suggest that you go to www.paginebianche.it and insert Zanni in the first line and Trani in the third line and click cerfca for the 15 names,addresses and telephone numbers. Next if you do not know who is rtelated to you (probably all of them) you can write one letter and send that one lt=etter to all 15 with a self addresed envelope and simply ask them in Italian or simple english if they are related to you and know of yoiur grandfather or grandmother (perhaps her miaden name will yield her relatives as well). If you wish documents from the town then get back to me. Peter

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