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Postby nmaritch » 28 Jul 2009, 02:26

I am a newish member and I am researching my family tree. I posted last week about my great great grandmother Palma Molinaro Aiello. Part of my challenge in tracing my family tree is that all the information is at my parents house some where. While I was there over the weekend I found a photograph album with all kinds of obituary notices(including Palma's) photograph's and funeral cards.

This leads me to two questions.

The first is what is the best way to preserve this information. The majority of clippings were in a magnetic photo album, but after a while the sticky goes away.

Second, I noticed on the back of some photos they are printed like postcards, with lines for addresses etc. Is this common practice?

Thanks for everyone's help.


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Postby wldspirit » 28 Jul 2009, 02:52

Those sticky albums are the worst for preservation....local craft stores have a number of items that can be used, the most important is that they are acid free and lignin free.
Ink should be archival quality, and acid free as well.

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