DiStefano name

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DiStefano name

Postby distefanousa » 18 Aug 2009, 02:06

I am looking for information regarding the DiStefano family/name. I admit my knowledge is limited. My great-great grandfather was a Henry Steph who died in Ohio in 1948. According to his obit, he was born on July 4, 1893 in Rome, Italy to Tony and Pelegrina Severini Steph. However, we have always been told that the family changed its name to Steph after living here. Henry's brother was a John Steph, whose original name was Nazaareno DiStefano.
I have a copy of a old Italian birth certificate which we think belongs to Henry. On it he was named Andrea DiStefano and his parents are listed as an Antonio and a Pelegrina Severini.
The top of the birth certifcate is worn away but it says something like Comuni Norica Provincia di Perugia, which I assume is a location possibly.
At the time of his death it said Henry's mother was still living in Italy along with a brother and a sister.
I don't even know of DiStefano is a common name in Italy or not. Like I said my knowledge is limited but I would appreciate any help that anyone can give me.

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Re: DiStefano name

Postby Tamberino » 18 Aug 2009, 02:27

Norcia is a town in Perugia. DiStefano is a common sicilian name. However, Severini seems to be quick popular in the area. Is the birth certificate still legible? It can tell us where you family is from (as DiStefano doesn't seem to come from Perugia but southeastern Sicily).

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Re: DiStefano name

Postby vj » 18 Aug 2009, 13:59

Here are some possible US records in case you haven't seen them

from ancestry. com (subscription)

1930 census
page 2

Home in 1930:
Water Street, owns $1000
Hanover, Licking, Ohio

head Henry Steph 35, abt 1895 in Saint Pellegrino, IT
- married age 19, abt 1913-4
- immig 1907 Na
- section boss, railroad
wife Mary Steph 32, abt 1898 OH
daughter Ellen Steph 16, abt 1914 OH
daughter Ida Steph 15, abt 1915 OH
daughter Mary Steph 13, abt 1917 OH
daughter Margaret Steph 12, abt 1918 OH
daughter Amelia Steph 10, abt 1920 OH

1920 census

Home in 1920:
Oxford, Coshocton, Ohio

head Andrew H Distefano 24, abt 1896 IT
- immig 1908, Pa (filed 1st papers for naturalization)
- laborer, railroad
wife Mary C Distefano 22, abt 1898 OH
daughter Ellen J Distefano 5, abt 1915 OH
daughter Ida M Distefano 4, abt 1916 OH
daughter Mary P Distefano 2 8/12, abt 1917 OH
daughter Marguerite V Distefano 2, abt 1918 OH
daughter Amelia L Distefano 1/12, abt 1919 OH
sister Paulina Distefano 20, abt 1900 IT
- single
- immig 1919

1917 WWI Draft Registration Card

Andrew Distefano 23
States St, Mingo Jct, Jefferson County, OH
born 3 Jul 1894 in San Pellegrino
(possibly the village in the comune of Norcia, province of Perugia, Umbria)

It appears that Henry's father was also in the US working for a railroad

1910 census

Home in 1910:
Hanover, Licking, Ohio

Andrea Distafans 17, abt 1893 IT
- single
- immig 1909
- laborer, section hand
Toney Distafans 45, abt 1865 IT
- married 15 yrs, abt 1895
- 6 children
- laborer, section hand

possible relative:
Ermidia Distafans 30

from Ellis Island (free)

1909 manifest
page 2

24 Jun 1909, SS Venezia, Naples to NY
line 30

Benedetto Severini 47
(possible relative)

Antonio Di Stefano 47, abt 1862
- last residence Norcia
- in Norcia, his wife
- destination Mingo Junction OH
- joining cousin Emidio Di Stefano
- in US, 1905-1907 in Mingo Junction
- born in Norcia

son Andrea Di Stefano 15, abt 1894

1905 ship manifest

13 Apr 1905, SS Konigin Luise, Genoa to NY
line 6
Antonio DiStefano 44 (abt 1860)
- married
- last residence Norcia
- destination Mingo Jct OH
- joining his cousin Emidio DiStefano
- in US before 1900-1902 in Mingo Jct

note: Henry Steph's Death Certificate is available (free) on this site
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Re: DiStefano name

Postby JohnArmellino » 18 Aug 2009, 19:58

As per the search engine at www.italia.indettaglio.it, there are 18 individuals named Severini and 13 individuals named di Stefano living in Norcia today (total population 4872). In light of this and the birth record you mentioned, I suspect that your family's town of origin is Norcia. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any films from that town on the LDS website. Thus, you'll have to write to the town for copies of records. Better yet, you can go to Norcia to research the records yourself!
John Armellino

Di Pellegrino
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Re: DiStefano name

Postby Di Pellegrino » 26 Apr 2015, 09:47

Hi my husband Claudio Di Pellegrino, his parents were from Norcia, San Pellegrino in Umbria. His mothers maiden name is Silvana Di Stefano born 1933 her father was called Leonardo Di Di Stefano, mother called Carolina. Brothers and sisters were Giuseppina, Antonio, Pellegrino, Enrico, Antonietta, Guerrina, Rosalina, Aldo.

Di Pellegrino
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Re: DiStefano name

Postby Di Pellegrino » 26 Apr 2015, 09:59

Would it be possible to send us a copy of the birth certificate I am starting a search of my husbands family and both parents came from Norcia, San Pellegrino,

My husband is called Claudio Di Pellegrino mother Silvana Di Stefano father Angelo Di Pellegrino, his mum is living in Rome and Claudio lives in the UK with me as I am from Scotland.


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