Surname Rante

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Surname Rante

Postby miiz_shawty09 » 06 Sep 2009, 21:19

Hey you guys! I'm a newbie here... :D

I've been researching for my family surname and I don't know anything about my last name cause my dad never told me where it came from...

So I was wondering if my last name "Rante" is Italian? Although, I've asked a couple websites and people said there are a few Rante's in Italy... Also is "Marzan" Italian too? It's my dad's middle name.. Thanks. :)

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Re: Surname Rante

Postby PeterTimber » 06 Sep 2009, 21:38

There are 11 cities,towns or villages in Italy with people surbnamed RANTE and 4 having people surnamed Marzan.

Go to and put in the names (one at a time Please!) in the upper left.

Further go to and put in Rante in the first line and the region inthe second line (click on the location of the black dots for regions). Do the same for Marzan (possibly derived from Marzano,Marciano/marciani).
Rante is not listed in the Italian surname dicitonary but Marzano as derived from Marciano is listed. Rante is of French origin ( =Peter=

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