Search for Neri in Pirano/Piran

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Search for Neri in Pirano/Piran

Postby Salohcin » 03 Oct 2009, 04:19

My g-grandfather, Domenico Neri, also spelled Domenkos, was borne in 1854 in then Pirano - his father, Giovanni Neri's hometown. On 25 Nov 1874, he married Antonia Adelaide Camuffo, also spelled Etel, in Muggia. She was borne in Capodistria on 26 Jun 1852. They then moved to Budapest Hungary, so that he could ply his trade as a stone mason there. My grandfather, Vittorio Neri, also spelled Viktor, was borne there on 29 Oct 1882. He returned to the Trieste area to work at the Stabilimento Tecnico Triestino before immigrated to the USA on the Francesca on 17 Apr 1907. The ship's manifest shows his last place of residence as Pirano. I am trying to find any evidence whether his parents returned to Pirano with him or not. I would also like to find any emigration records on Domenico, since his trade made him a world traveler.

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