Origins of Panizzon

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Origins of Panizzon

Postby panizzon » 20 Nov 2009, 07:31

My grandfather came to Australia in 1922. His name was Gaetano Panizzon. He was from Magre, Schio in the north. His family were from Monte Malo. I found someone who said that this name dates back many generations. I contacted this source but never received a reply.

Can anyone help me with the origins of this name. Is there anyone out there who is a Panizzon or is researching the name.

Any help would be apprecitated.


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Re: Origins of Panizzon

Postby misbris » 20 Nov 2009, 22:28

The name Panizzon exists in the towns of Malo, Monte di Malo and Schio.

Here is a site that will give you some info about these towns.

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Re: Origins of Panizzon

Postby PeterTimber » 21 Nov 2009, 00:12

There is no listing for Panizzone inthe Italian surname dictionary. The surname while Italian is either imported and itaklianized or local in origin and based upon a nickname,occupation or anecdote. The closest that comes to mind in Italian is either Paninone or Paniuzza relating to sticky food which may or may not relate to Panizzon whichis as descriptive as the other two denoting an excess. =Peter=

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Re: Origins of Panizzon

Postby Michael31 » 28 Nov 2009, 04:23 ... 0014an.htm

Google Book search: Panizzoni
CATALOGO DEI DOCUMENTI per l'istoria della prefettura di Mendrisio e pieve di Balerna
dall'anno 1500 oirea all'anno 1800
tratti dall'Archivio Tornarli in Mendrisio ed ordinati cronologicamente dal

219" Anno 1563 — Si denunzia da Chiasso che l'appellato Panizzoni ferì di pugnale Bartolomeo di Cardano.

Bollettino storico della Svizzera Italiana, Volumes 27-28
By Società storica ed archeologica (Bellinzona, Switzerland), Associazione storica-arch

published 1905

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