talarico,mammone,longo santoro

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talarico,mammone,longo santoro

Postby mire » 26 Jan 2004, 05:49

any information on these families would be greatly appreciated, they come from Rose Cosenza.
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Postby ptimber » 26 Jan 2004, 06:12

Go to www.gens.labo.net for surname distribution in Italy. Peter
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Re: talerico,mammone,longo sandoro

Postby suanj » 26 Jan 2004, 06:28

mire wrote:any information on these families would be greatly appreciated, they come from Rose Cosenza.

-Santoro is exact spelling(Sandoro not exist)..are only ! family Santoro surname in Rose(Cosenza): http://paginebianche.virgilio.it/pb/cer ... se&x=0&y=0
-Talarico are this Talarico families in Rose not are Talerico: http://paginebianche.virgilio.it/pb/cer ... se&x=0&y=0
But Talerico in Cosenza area:
http://paginebianche.virgilio.it/pb/cer ... cs&x=0&y=0
-Surname Mammone just spelling, are this persons: http://paginebianche.virgilio.it/pb/cer ... &x=41&y=11
-Surname Longo ditto..: http://paginebianche.virgilio.it/pb/cer ... &x=80&y=12

regards, suanj
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Postby raymo » 02 Mar 2004, 19:24

Just FYI, and they may be no relation to the Talericos you are searching for, but TALLARICO is the real surname of Steve Tyler, lead singer of the band Aerosmith. Reason I know is because Steve's father was my high school music teacher!
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Postby yow91 » 04 Apr 2004, 23:14

Hello I am searching for Talerico and have came across the spelling as Talarico in my searches. I do know however that my family came from San giovanni in Fiore.
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