Looking for family in Naples,Italy please help!

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Looking for family in Naples,Italy please help!

Postby Adelewill » 02 Feb 2010, 22:33

Hello, I'm looking for family in naples.. The only information I have is my grandfather's name, which is Tommaso Tortorella. He and my gran married back in 1962 I believe in Wales, U.K, they had 2 daughters, one of which is my mother. My grandfather divorced my gran when my mother was 10, he left wales, uk to go back home to naples (this is what I was told) and contact was lost ever since then.. I believe my grandfather would be in his 80's. I found out quite recently that I have aunty;s, uncles and cousins living in Naples.. If anyone can help me, or point me into the right direction so I can start researching, i would very much appreciate it. Thank you


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Re: Looking for family in Naples,Italy please help!

Postby vj » 02 Feb 2010, 22:37

Hi Adele!
This may help you locate family currently living in Italy.

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