Looking for Montemaggiori from Pesaro - Fossombrone

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Looking for Montemaggiori from Pesaro - Fossombrone

Postby karen520 » 23 Mar 2004, 20:54


I am looking for information on "Montemaggiori" - "Montoni" - from Pesaro or Fossombrone. My grandfather came to America in 1929, his name was Sabbatino Montemaggiori. He had brothers named - Mario, Pietro, Sante, & Amadeo. He also had sisters named - Maria & Lodovina. I could be spelling these names incorrectly.

My grandmother is 95 years old - her name is Rose Montemaggiore (they changed the "i to e" when my grandfather came to America. She is a "Montoni". Her mother Lina Montoni was from Milano or Torino. Her mother's maiden name was DiBarnardi - I'm really not sure if I am spelling that correctly!

Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks you,

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Postby pessil » 23 Mar 2004, 23:07

Go to http://www.paginebianche.it/pb/cerca?bt ... no&x=0&y=0 to have addresses of Montemaggiori in Pesaro.
For montoni in Milan and hinterland go to http://www.paginebianche.it/pb/cerca?bt ... no&x=0&y=0 and for Torino and hinterland.
But attention: in Milan there are only 3 groups of family and in Torino 2. All the other addresses are leather shops because "montoni" is the plural of "montone" that in italian doesn't make difference between "ram" and "sheepskin".

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