Question? Advice needed please ~

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Question? Advice needed please ~

Postby signoretti » 24 Apr 2010, 15:01

Ciao ~

Last Year in May of 2009 I sent a request to Rome kindly asking for my greatgrandmothers birth record.

Two months later in July 2009 I received an e-mail from Roma stating they needed 2 international postal coupons for my request.

I quickly bought the 2 international postal coupons and sent them to Roma within a week of receiving their email ( along with my international postal coupons I sent a copy of my original request and a copy of the email they sent me)

Three months later in the end of October 2009 I recieved an envelope in the mail from Roma (thinking these were the records I have been waiting for I was so excited) When I opened the envelpoe there was a letter stating they now need 2 more international postal coupons and 4 euros for my request. They wanted me to deposit the euros in their postal account and then send them the receipt of the deposit. Unfortunatly I cannot deposit the euros into their postal account from the United States.

In the begining of November 2009 I then sent to Roma 3 international postal coupons, 10 euro, and a copy of the letter they had sent me asking for the euros and postal coupons. (6 more euro than they wanted and an extra postal coupon, I kindly told them to keep the extra euros and treat themselves to coffee.)

Well now its April 2010 and I still have not heard anything from Roma, no emails, nothing in the mail, still waiting patiently.

Is this normal for Roma? Are they extrememly busy? Should I send a follow up letter or just wait?

I have a dual citizenship appt in San Fransisco next year in April 2011 and really need this record.

Other communes I have requested records from respond very quickly. I know those communes are alot smaller and I am sure they are nowhere as busy as Roma.

It seems like a year is a long time to wait :(

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Grazie ~ Grazie ~

Signoretti :)

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