Galeazzi family of Valle di Cadore, Italy

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Galeazzi family of Valle di Cadore, Italy

Postby galhylke » 25 Apr 2010, 15:14


I recently managed to trace back the Galeazzi side of my family using the invaluable website. However, I'm curious if anyone here has researched the same family and discovered any FACTS about the ancestors, such as -- what they did for a living, what their position was in the community, etc. There is a very strong artistic side to my family members (painting, drawing, music) so I'm especially curious if anyone has information about any ancestors who may have been active in the arts.

My grandfather was Antonio Emilio Galeazzi (1891 - 1958) and my grandmother was Maria Antonia Olivo (1894 - 1971). My paternal great-grandfather's name was Francesco Ignazio Galeazzi, and he had two marriages. The first marriage, to Maria Maddalena Marinello resulted in three children: Teresa Martina, Attilio and Antonio (my grandfather). His second marriage, to Maria Giovanna Marinello resulted in five children: Teresa Guistana, Giudetta, Tullio, Silvio, Angela and Felicita. If anyone is related to any of these Galeazzis and can give me information on the family and family tree, I would be overjoyed!

My maternal great-grandparents were Candido Olivo (1860 - ?) and Angela Galeazzi (1858-1935).

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Re: Galeazzi family of Valle di Cadore, Italy

Postby PeterTimber » 25 Apr 2010, 15:20 the surname for any research conducted onthe surname in Valle di Cadore. =Peter=

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