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Postby MNMike » 03 May 2010, 21:13

I'm looking for any information on some ancestors.

The particular family I'm looking for is that of Franciska (Francesco?) Mancini and Dominica (Domenica?) Tomasselli. I know they had a son Giovanni Mancini (aka John Mancini) who emigrated from Gubbio, Italy in about 1900.

Giovanni was born on 17 Apr 1872 in Gubbio, Italy according to his naturalization papers from the US.

His Ohio Death Index lists his parents names as stated above and Italy as their place of birth.

Franciska or Domenica would likely have been born sometime between 1830 and 1855, but that's just speculation based on Giovanni's birth.

Giovanni was married to Angelina and had 3 children before immigrating to the US: Francesco, Domenica, and Roberto.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Re: Mancini

Postby maestra36 » 03 May 2010, 21:43

Hello and welcome to this forum.

I have located your Giovanni Manicini on a passenger list. His town is misspelled on the passenger card, but I see him on the actual passenger list and it is correct-Gubbio Perugia. His destination was to Scranton Pa and a cousin named Antonio Carloniara (not sure about the spelling of the cousin's last name.

First Name: Giovanni
Last Name: Mancini
Ethnicity: Italian
Last Place of Residence: Gullio (Genagia)
Date of Arrival: Jul 21, 1901
Age at Arrival: 29y Gender: M Marital Status: M
Ship of Travel: La Gascogne
Port of Departure: Havre
Manifest Line Number: 0012

On the website,, the original manifest is missing. You can only view the text manifest for this ship. There were a few others traveling from the same Italian town, all going to Scranton, Pa.

The actual passenger list can be viewed on the following website: Go to the option which says missing manifests-
put in the date July 22, 1901, T 715, roll 213, frame 147 and you will be able to view the original manifest with your ancestor on it. Someone else on this forum may be able to upload an image of the original manifest for you.

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Re: Mancini

Postby maestra36 » 03 May 2010, 22:00

On the 1920 census for Cleveland City, Cayuga County, Ohio ED 293 sheet 5B, I see John with his family. They were living at 3959 E 91st Street.

He was 47 immigrated in 1900 and naturalized in 1906. He was a blacksmith for an engineering company.

Angeline-wife, age 43. Dated of immigration given as 1905. Naturalized 1906.
Robert, son, age 21, immigrated 1905, naturalized 1906
Other children-
Ann-14-born in Illinois
Charles-13-born in Pa
Josephine-12-born in Pa
Mary -11-born in Pa
John-9-born in Pa
Angeline-9-born in Pa
Evelyn-6-born in Pa
Baldina-3 months-born in Pa

Maybe someone can upload the image of this census for you.

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