Professions in 1860, Southern Italy

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Professions in 1860, Southern Italy

Postby jamiecapaldi » 14 Jul 2010, 06:37

I have been looking at the LDS Birth records of San Germano (cassino), between 1857-1864. I have come across a few Professions, but did not find the Profession i thought i would see the most of!
I have been searching for Capaldi's and on a lot of UK Certificates it has shown alot of the Family as Musicians, but i could not find one.

I found these Professions:

This is how i seen it:

I think they should be:
Bracciante - Labourer
Contadino - Farmer
Militarne - Military

Can someone please put me right?
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Re: Professions in 1860, Southern Italy

Postby nazca » 14 Jul 2010, 06:45

i think you are right. I don't know the word "bricciali" and i think it was "bracciante = farm hand".

good luck.
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Re: Professions in 1860, Southern Italy

Postby boozy.bird » 14 Jul 2010, 08:25

I think you may find that a lot of the italians became street musicians,organ grinders & ice cream vendors when they got to England. Some where brought over on the Pardrone system to do these jobs see section about padrone & ice cream sellers on it might help.

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