prata sanita

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prata sanita

Postby sam09 » 16 Jul 2010, 16:24

I am trying to find out where i can buy a book on the history of a little village where my mother inlaw was born from,even she has no idea where to go look for this book,as we go on holiday there every year ive not seen any kind of book/local information either in italian/english although i would like to buy both versions of this if possable my mother in law would also appreciate this.


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Re: prata sanita

Postby johnnyonthespot » 16 Jul 2010, 16:33

It is actually Prata Sannita with two n's.

You can visit the comune's website at and click the "Storia" link on the right for a brief history or "Foto Gallery" for pictures.

If you begin with this link instead, you will see a google translation of the home page and all succeeding links. Not perfect, but not bad if you can't read Italian. :) ... 1&ie=utf-8

This Wikipedia page has some raw statistics such as population, etc:

My hobby is finding things. Having found most of my own, I am happy to help others find theirs. PM me! :)

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Re: prata sanita

Postby PeterTimber » 16 Jul 2010, 17:12

Prata Sannita can be found at with a reference to a book about the town tourist website on the right in Italian

Further if you can read Italian you can go to and put in PRATA SANNITA on the top search box for many websites about the town .=Peter=

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