Looking for Santoro/Santorino in Vaglio Serra, Piemonte

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Looking for Santoro/Santorino in Vaglio Serra, Piemonte

Postby witika » 04 May 2004, 07:04

I am an historian from Brazil, and I'm trying to find the Santorino or Santoro family, in Vaglio Serra, in 1450.
Thank you, my mail is camilasampaio@yahoo.com.br

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Postby ptimber » 04 May 2004, 08:15

I would suggest that you go to the internet or www.google.com and insert the surname Santoro and Vaglio serra in the title and research what you are looking for. Peter

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Postby ricbru » 04 May 2004, 10:24

you would find Santoro or Santorino in Vaglio Serra (province of Asti) maybe looking for the church records.
Here it is the only church of Vaglio Serra

http://www.parrocchie.it/gear/qlist.htm ... d_cognome=

and here there is the bishop of Asti (they have all old church records from 1563, year of Concilio of Trento, when all the priest started to write the baptist, confermation, marriage and death records)

http://www.chiesacattolica.it/cci_new/v ... Diocesi=24

I hope it helps. Bye Riccardo :)

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