Innocenzo anglicanized as "Jimmy"

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Innocenzo anglicanized as "Jimmy"

Postby jeanbean » 09 Aug 2010, 13:33

How common would it be for a man named Innocenzo to anglicanize his name in America as "Jimmy"? What would be the short form, used among family members, of Innocenzo? (Like Eddie for Edward, or Suzie for Susan).

I have a relative who was known to the family as Jimmy, but I can find no reference to his Italian name. The only clue I have, if it is truly a clue, that he might have been named Innocenzo comes from a 1934 passenger record when he was returning to the US from a trip abroad. (And I have confirmed that record is his.) In the manifest, the name Innocenzo is typed then crossed out and the name James (proper English form of Jimmy) is typed next to it. I've also confirmed that Innocenzo is a widely used first name among those with his surname.

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Innocenzo anglicanized as "Jimmy"

Postby johnnyonthespot » 09 Aug 2010, 13:40

In another thread (regarding Vincenzo), someone pointed out that the Italian nickname for Vincenzo was "Cenz" (with the "ce" pronounced like the "ch" in cheese) and that this was a strong possible reason for Vincenzo's common anglicization to James/Jimmy.

Cenz -> James with a soft "a', like gems (precious stones).

If true, then the same case could be made for Innocenzo I would think.

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