Surname: Rubino.....Town: Bari

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Surname: Rubino.....Town: Bari

Postby QuestionSleep » 15 May 2004, 23:33

Hello, I am new here, so I'm sorry if for some reason this surname has already been posted.

My great grandfather, Dominic (surname above) came from Bari, he died in '75 (around then, I never met him, I'm a teenager.) Not many people in my family know why he came over, but all we know is that he most likely HAD to come to America. ANY information on the previous statment, or on anything else, would be nice

Agian, if you have any information it would be helpful.

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Postby ptimber » 16 May 2004, 05:35

If you go to website and look up his arrival you can then condcut your own genalogy. As for why he HAD to come to America, this is for you to inquire among your immediate family members. This forum is intended to help people with their family genealogy not their dirty laundry!!!!!!!!!!!!. Peter

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Re: Surname: Rubino.....Town: Bari

Postby drubino » 13 Jun 2004, 01:56

Hi, My name is Dominic Rubino as well, and my father is from Bari. He moved to Canada some time near 1959 .

Perhaps there is some information I could help you with?

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