Garofalo and D'Amato in Paternopoli

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Garofalo and D'Amato in Paternopoli

Postby Pete117 » 22 Aug 2010, 18:11


I am looking for Church records, and possible family, for my Grand parents. They were born in Paternopoli and I believe the name of the Church is St Nicholas.

My grandfather was (Angelo) Antonio Garofalo born in 1883. My grandmother was Margherita D'amato born in 1892.

Thank you,


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Re: Garofalo and D'Amato in Paternopoli

Postby vj » 22 Aug 2010, 18:49

Hi Pete
Have you tried writing to Paternopoli for your grandparent's records?

Italian form letter generator with instructions: ... civile.asp

Or other helpful form letters: ... tters.html


Ufficio dello Stato Civile
Comune di Paternopoli
Piazza Kennedy
83052 Paternopoli AV

This may help you locate family currently living in Italy.

White pages:

Form Letter to a Possible Relative

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Re: Garofalo and D'Amato in Paternopoli

Postby chrisdamato » 23 Aug 2010, 12:18

My D'Amato relatives are from Sant'Arsenio. Wonder if there is some relation?

Have you checked the vital records on I don't know if Paternapoli is listed, but worth checking.

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Re: Garofalo and D'Amato in Paternopoli

Postby PeterTimber » 23 Aug 2010, 13:05

Dear Peter the church is the LAST PLACE you would want to go for information, particularly when the same information is made readily available, normally free of charges. You can depend upon civil authorities to respond in most cases while the local pafrish priest is king of his parish church. parish priests may or maynot assist you, may answer or not answer yyour letters and donations to conduct research is implied.

However in certain instances youmay have no choice and have to deal with church records. The names and addresses of the church can be readily found at puttin gint he name of the town in the right side. =Peter=

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