Surnames of Montaguto, Avellino. SCHIAVONE, LUISI

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Surnames of Montaguto, Avellino. SCHIAVONE, LUISI

Postby OrsaraPagano » 06 Sep 2010, 16:01

Hi, I am new to the site and the Italian research process.

I am wanting to connect with anyone that is doing research or has researched the following surnames in MONTAGUTO, AVELLINO

My 3great grandparents Cirieco or Ciriaco Schiavone, born about 1820 in Montaguto, Avellino.

and my 3ggrandmother Antonia Luisi born abt 1825 in the Comune of Montaguto, Avellino.

The above information was obtained from a marriage act of Giuseppe Cirieco, who was married on March 20, 1875 in Orsara di Puglia, Foggia.

Giuseppe's wife was Maria Michela Circola born abt 1841.

Any information would be appreciated.
Orsara Pagano

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Re: Surnames of Montaguto, Avellino. SCHIAVONE, LUISI

Postby maeforever » 14 Nov 2010, 18:46

Hello, I was looking around on the internet about the town where my great grandpa was born and I found this. He was also born in Montaguto, Avellino in 1898, his name was Leonard Schiavone

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Re: Surnames of Montaguto, Avellino. SCHIAVONE, LUISI

Postby straniero3 » 10 Jan 2016, 20:11

Hello: I just joined the blog site. I have a Leonardo Schiavone, born in 1899 or possibly 2 July, 1898, in Montaguto. He arrived in New York on 1 July, 1922, aboard the Conte Rosso ship, sailing out of Napoli. He is listed as staying with his uncle, Antonio Anzivino, in Brooklyn. His mother was Gaetana Anzivino - I do not have her maiden name, but since the Anzivino name was so common in Montaguto, it is possible that was her maiden name. We had a Mr. and Mrs. Anzivino in my home town and her maiden name was Anzivino.

If this is the Leonardo you are looking for, he is listed as dying on 1 Aug, 1999, in Portage, Michigan. His children were listed as Peter and Lenore. His wife was Filomena DeFalco. She died on 23 Apr, 2003. His SS number was given as 301-28-7743.

I am Joseph Morley and am currrently spending about a year in the area around Montaguto, looking up my family roots. I am related distantly to the Schiavones. They were a prominent family in Montaguto and also in my home town of Youngstown, Ohio. Giuseppe Schiavone earned a great reputation by helping immigrants to Youngstown with cash and other assistance, until they got on their feet. It is quite possible that the Schiavones originated from Croatia or Albania.

I hope that this helps.

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