Seeking Family of Vincenzo & Grazia CAFARELLI from ACCET

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Seeking Family of Vincenzo & Grazia CAFARELLI from ACCET

Postby lcafarel » 16 Jan 2011, 19:43

My husband's great-grandfather Vincenzo CAFARELLI (born ca. 1854) arrived in New York with his eldest son, Domenico (b. 1877, possibly in Caserta, Campania), from Accettura, Matera, Basilicata, in 1879; returned to Italy for visits several times; and brought his wife Grazia (b. 1860) and several children to New York in 1893, settling in West New York. The children, besides Domenico, were Giuseppe (b. 1879), Giulietta (b. 1885), Nicola and Angela (b. 1890), and Federico (b. 1892). A few more children, Mildred, Sussia, and Florence, were born in the US. We have made connections with two cousins, descendants of Domenico and Giullietta in the US, and now know that Giulietta was baptized as Giulia in the Church of St. Nicholas in Accettura on November 21, 1885.

I am trying to locate other members of the family both in the US and Italy. I have also noticed a number of CAFARELLIS in Laurenzana, which is not far from Accettura, and wonder if they are related. In fact, I discovered that the artist Michele Angelo CAFARELLI from Laurenzana lived very close to my husband's grandfather, Nicholas John CAFARELLI, in Teaneck, New Jersey, which seems too much of a coincidence. Thanks for any info!

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