Need help finding Giovanna Scannavino

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Need help finding Giovanna Scannavino

Postby scannavino » 10 Mar 2011, 04:53


I recently stumbled upon these death records for Verginia Rizza and Carmelo Rizza. The thing that caught my eye is that there mother's name is Giovanna Scannavino and she was born in Ragusa, Sicily. Can you guys help me find out more information on Giovanna Scannavino....Maybe on census records? Her maiden name is Scannavino, so that means her married name would be Giovanna Rizza! or Jennie Rizza

Here are the two records, that show their mother as "Giovanna Scannavino"..... ... u8TUc%253D ... u8TUc%253D

Please help! Thanks!

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Re: Need help finding Giovanna Scannavino

Postby Michael31 » 10 Mar 2011, 05:39

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