Spreadsheets with data for Ferrandina and Stigliano?

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Spreadsheets with data for Ferrandina and Stigliano?

Postby lcafarel » 03 May 2011, 04:06

Hi! I've been researching my husband's family from Accettura and have by chance met two fellow researchers online who have been going systematically through the vital records at their Family History Centers and putting the data into spreadsheets. Their work is ongoing, but I am very grateful to them for sharing what they have, since it is proving very helpful.

I have learned that the grooms in two marriages (CAFARELLI-SARUBBI and SARUBBI-DILORENZO) that occurred in Accettura came from other towns: Ferrandina and Stigliano. I've had no success so far obtaining extracts of birth records from these comuni and don't yet have time to visit a Family History Center to go through the microfilms myself. So I was wondering if anyone out there may be doing similar spreadsheet compilations for Ferrandina, Stigliano, or other towns and willing to share what they have? I can also provide specific years of interest if anyone has access to this data.

I have compiled CAFARELLI/CAFARELLA birth records from Laurenzana, Potenza, Basilicata, for 1866-1910 should anyone find them useful; microfilm images for these are online on Ancestry.com. I have transcribed CAFARELLI/CAFARELLA marriage records from Laurenzana also but have not yet had a chance to put them into a spreadsheet.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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